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Where we're going we don't need roads.

About the Lions

We help create unique graphical designs for several applications.  Delivering messages with more than just words.  Through diverse visuals, seamless connections, and engaging media, Shiny Lion strives to deliver.

Designs delivered anytime, anywhere.  If you have something in mind, or would like to know more, get in touch. 

Our Work Flow


In the beginning...

First and foremost, it's your design.  Whether you're looking for a new company logo, a catchy business card, or any design for that matter, Shiny Lion will gather all the input you might have, we can provide surveys to better evaluate and deliver everything you want.  

From color schemes, image sets, content creation, and memos, we gather key ingredients necessary to create a design win, for you.


What a time to be alive.

So the Lions are off.  The great design has begun.  Through the next steps, we get to work.  Taking those key ingredients for your design, researching others comparable.  Forming the foundation in which will provide us the groundwork needed to support the idea for your design.  

A bold, powerful, and clear cut execution of professionalism to deliver your message...  The way you imagined it. 


It's not delivery, it's Design-o

In the Lions eye, the finished product is far sweeter when it's well earned.  We deliver the ready to use and completely custom design.  After any revisions and updates, your design is as close to what you imagined as we could possibly get.  Depending on what application you plan on utilizing the design in, Shiny Lion can provide a number of formats to best suit the intendedapplications.

Details.  It's in the details.

We should mention

Intuitive and Interactive Design


We work hand in hand with our clients.  As we begin your design, we feel your feedback from the very start of the project is vital in capturing the purest of your intentions.  Taking every bit of your input, and creating that winning design just as you intended it be.  Aside from common communication, we also provide surveys to help shine a light on as many details that could contribute.

Customized Media Strategy


On the fence for what's right for you?  

We help analyze your design needs and depending on what applications you have in mind, the message your trying to get out there, the image you want to reflect, and who your trying to reach. 

Unique Branding and Identity


Image is everything no matter what your business is, and a company can thrive with positive images that it consistently gives to the public the right idea.  

A logo, color scheme, and tagline can set you apart from others and drive you to the top.

Complete Logo Design


 A logo or brand symbol is an extremely vital marketing tool.  An image that will help people relate with you or your message.  

Shiny Lion takes your concept and translates it into a powerful and unique image.  We can help you get  that visual benchmark in what ever industry you venture in.  Perhaps, you have an existing logo, one that needs new life? Well let us help reinvent that image.   Breathe new life.  Create a positive catalyst and get that momentum going again. 

Unlimited Marketing Media


Make that impression count.  From handing someone a business card, providing potential clients with a brochure, posting a sign up at your business, or maybe hanging an eye catching banner, can really make a positive impact on the growth of your company or product.  Anything you might need printed, 

Shiny Lion is here to design it just the way you need it and for where ever that image needs to go. 

Creative and Engaging Content


Having trouble filling in the blanks?  We can assist you with this and help explain your message with clarity and give it a sense of completion.  Providing your message with an overall impression that is clear, polished and bold.  Just ask a Lion.  With a few questions, some key words, and a few pointers. 

We can form engaging  content and apply it exactly where it needs to go.  Leaving you with more time to deal with more important things!